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You must activate
GreebOrbit within 30 days of installation. You may experience limited functionality until you have completed activation.

Activate Intranet DASHBOARD

In order to continue you must activate your license. Activation verifies that you are using a fully licensed version of GreebOrbit and are eligible for updates and support.

Note: Make sure you activate your software using the server you will host your GreebOrbit intranet with. You can only activate the software once, and it will become locked to the machine upon which you activate it.

Activate Over the Internet

To activate online, click the button below. Your serial number, along with a unique machine ID will be sent to our server for verification. This process will happen automatically.

Click here to
activate online now

Online activation requires an active internet connection.


Activate via Customer Support

To activate via customer support you will need to contact customer support and provide them with the following codes.

Serial Number
Machine Code Machine ID

Activation Code